This provides users with a modern platform to advance learning, both online and offline...
Goal: ₦ 170,000,000.00
Raised: ₦ 70,000,000.00


This aims to deliver dramatic improvements in learning outcomes in public schools across the state....
Goal: ₦ 9,937,069,710.00
Raised: ₦ 1,072,336,874.00

Digital Learning Centers

It aims to deploy technology solutions and extend digital literacy to Kwara State ....
Goal: ₦ 30,800,000,000.00
Raised: ₦ 2,000,000,000.00

Junior Achievement

This is dedicated to empowering young people to own their economic success ....
Goal: ₦ 9,755,261.93
Raised: ₦ 0

Programs in View


StemCafe believes in the resulting economic growth by investment in the development of Science and Technology in the State. They are providing scholarship for about 200 young people in Kwara State to help groom a new generation of engineers, designers and scientists who will contribute to the growth and aspiration of the state.

Kwara Education Trust Fund

The Kwara Education Trust Fund (KWETF) was established on October 14th, 2021 to create a legal framework for philanthropists, corporate organizations, donors, enterprises to support, maintain, and modernize the condition of primary and secondary school buildings and infrastructure in the State.


TeachForNigeria a non-profit organization, focuses on developing a movement of leaders across the nation who are committed to ending educational inequity. Through a two-year Fellowship, TFN recruits Nigeria’s outstanding graduates and young professionals of all academic disciplines as Fellows to teach as full time teachers in underserved schools.

Gallaudet in Nigeria Africa (GAIN)

Gallaudet in Nigeria Africa (GAIN) is the first tertiary civil society partnership dedicated to advancing Special Needs education in Nigeria.